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The Middle East’s ‘Mickey Mouse’ Facilities Mngt. Industry

The Middle East’s ‘Mickey Mouse’ Facilities Mngt. Industry

Cushman & Wakefield Middle East Insight: The Middle East’s ‘Mickey Mouse’ Facilities Management Industry!

By: Richard Naylor

When it comes to customer service there are many lessons the Middle East Facilities Management companies can learn from the customer service experts ‘Disney’.

Disney’s success can be summed up as legendary attention to detail, exceeding people’s expectations and being guest (customer) centered.

Walt Disney would often say “spectacular service delivery is best demonstrated when things go wrong, service recovery”. Disney employees are taught very early on in their careers, if you solve a problem immediately and in spectacular fashion, a certain percentage of people will bond with you even more strongly than if you meet or exceed their expectations. Therefore, good service recovery can lead to spectacular customer loyalty.

Disney has its employees assess situations based on; Safety, Courtesy, Service, Efficiency. Whereas, big business generally focuses almost exclusively on the later!! Disney believes that if you don’t pay attention to the first three elements the fourth one ‘Efficiency’ won’t matter very long because you will soon be out of business!! I believe a lesson many Middle East Facilities Management companies must learn.

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